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Yes please, ar­guably one of the most en­gag­ing drive cars you will find. some of the sound in­su­la­tion for a near 30kg sav­ing over the 3.4-litre Boxster GTS.

Some lighter al­loys are used in the chas­sis and even the in­te­rior door han­dles are in web­bing strap – a nice touch.

But the essence of the Boxster re­mains – mid-mounted en­gine driv- ing the rear wheels, huge brakes in this case with six pis­ton calipers.


THE en­gine is a clockwork won­der spin­ning out to 7800rpm thanks in part to vari­able cam tim­ing and cam lift, di­rect fuel in­jec­tion, a high com­pres­sion ra­tio and other op­ti­mi­sa­tion tech­nol­ogy.

Far from be­ing a quasi race car, the Spy­der of­fers up a com­fort­able ride that in­su­lates oc­cu­pants from rough roads and noise.

It weighs 1315kg, which places the Spy­der at the lighter end of the se­ri­ous road­ster spec­trum.

The 20-inch forged wheels have wide rub­ber and the car has some aero aids in­clud­ing the twin stream­lin­ers be­hind each seat.

Sports Chrono chas­sis en­hance­ment is stan­dard and it rides 20mm lower than stan­dard Boxster, giv­ing a more pur­pose­ful stance – from all an­gles.

Porsche de­signed this car specif­i­cally for driv­ing fun and driver en­gage­ment which we sam­pled on tight roads where it was stun­ningly com­pe­tent.

Wow, what a car, no won­der it’s ca­pa­ble of putting away a lap of the Nur­bur­gring in a rapid 7m 47s.


EV­ERY as­pect of the Spy­der sends a chill down your spine, from the stun­ning looks of it to the trum­pet­ing ex­haust with py­rotech­nic-like ex­plo­sions on the throt­tle over­run, to the kart-like steer­ing and brakes to the su­perb ride qual­ity that cov­ers off most sealed road driv­ing with ut­terly no drama.

You can point Spy­der where and when you like and it flicks that way in­stantly.

You can dab at the brakes and wash off huge speed in a blink, you can whip it back a cog and rap it out to red-line with an ex­po­nen­tially in­creas­ing rate of ac­cel­er­a­tion. Wow all right. We would never tire of driv­ing a car like this.

It has com­fort­able seats and a su­per stylish in­te­rior with plenty of lux­ury and tech­nol­ogy in­clud­ing the sat­nav sys­tem that dis­plays on a large cen­tral screen and also in the in­stru­ment pod on the right hand dial.

The gear­box is a close ra­tio unit with a ri­fle bolt ac­tion to make ra­tio changes snick through fast.

Any crit­i­cisms at all for this ma­chine?

Nope, not a one, it even goes fairly lightly on fuel rated at 9.9 litres/100km.

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