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List of tricky words to spell ac­cord­ing to Ox­ford Dic­tionary:

Otorhi­no­laryn­go­log­i­cal: re­lat­ing to the med­i­cal prac­tice in­volv­ing the ear, nose, and throat.

Pseu­dopseu­do­hy­poparathy­roidism: In­her­ited dis­or­der, named for its sim­i­lar­ity to pseu­do­hy­poparathy­roidism in pre­sen­ta­tion.

Floc­cin­aucini­hilip­il­i­fi­ca­tion: the es­ti­ma­tion of some­thing as worth­less.

Pneu­monoul­tra­mi­cro­scop­ic­sil­i­co­vol­canoco­nio­sisan: in­vented term said to mean a “lung dis­ease caused by in­hal­ing very fine ash and sand dust”, but rarely used ex­cept for its cu­rios­ity value

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