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Striped lawns turn heads at many sport­ing events. The good news for any­one who has lusted af­ter cre­at­ing the same “striped” look at home is that ev­ery­day grass can be turned into a can­vas of lines and shapes. Win­ter is an ideal time for trial and er­ror so take your mower and try cre­at­ing your own stripes, says Gareth Tay­lor of Rover Aus­tralia. The se­cret, Tay­lor says, lies in the di­rec­tion the lawn is mowed. The best way to mow is up and down the lawn, cre­at­ing stripes and over­lap­ping each pass by the width of the mower’s wheel. To achieve a ba­sic stripe:

Mow the perime­ter around your backyard. This area will be where you make turns. If you can use the foot­path or drive­way to make turns, all the bet­ter

Mow in op­po­site di­rec­tions. Pick a di­rec­tion, ei­ther north/ south or east/west, and al­ter­nate di­rec­tions

Go over the perime­ter once more. This will help clean up any ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties cre­ated near the edges as you made turns

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