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A RUG may seem like a small de­tail for a room but it is an im­por­tant one, stylist Emma Blom­field of online home­ware re­tailer TheHome .com.au says.

She says a rug is a piece of un­der­foot el­e­gance which can ei­ther make or break the look and feel of a room.

“A good rug zones the room by giv­ing your eye some­where to rest when look­ing at the space as a whole. An ill-fit­ting rug can have very neg­a­tive ef­fects on your space, mak­ing it ac­tu­ally ap­pear smaller than it is,” Blom­field says.

So how do you choose the per­fect rug for your space? Blom­field lists her golden rules. SIZE UP: The most com­mon mis­take peo­ple make when buy­ing a rug is choos­ing one which is too small. When buy­ing a rug for your liv­ing room, Blom­field says to use your sofa as a guide.

“Mea­sure your largest sofa and add 20-30cm ei­ther side of the sofa to fig­ure out how wide your rug needs to be,” she says. “From there you can ar­range your fur­ni­ture around the rug to suit the space.

“Ideally, you want the front feet of your seated fur­ni­ture on top of the rug.”

To cre­ate per­fect bal­ance in your bed­room, she rec­om­mends en­sur­ing three-quar­ters of your bed makes it on to your rug and the rug pro­trudes from the bot­tom of the bed for vis­ual bal­ance

“You want to hop out of bed onto a soft sur­face, not the awk­ward edge of a rug or onto floor­boards, es­pe­cially in win­ter. A good guide for queen beds is opt­ing for 200x300cm or larger for ideal place­ment un­der your bed,” she says. BE BOLD: Blom­field rec­om­mends us­ing your rug as a way of in­ject­ing some colour into a room. “Even just a sub­tle colour in­tro­duc­tion or pick­ing up some colours from your scat­ter cush­ions or art is a good way to pick out your rug colours,” she says.

If the rug is in a high-traf­fic area such as a lounge­room or hall­way, Blom­field says to avoid a de­sign which con­tains too much white or light colours as it will show dirty foot­prints in no time.

Con­sider the colours you use un­der a din­ing ta­ble – dropped food on a cream rug is never a good look. PAIR WITH AC­CENTS: “The rug colour should pair with the rest of the ac­cents in a room. If you have mauves, blues and mus­tard yel­lows in your rug then choose dec­o­ra­tive pieces in these colours also,” she says.

Roll out the rugs … a rug is one of the eas­i­est and most ef­fec­tive ways to fin­ish off the look of a room yet it is an item that you should con­sider first, stylist Emma Blom­field of TheHome.com.au says.

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