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AMAZ­ING views are not nec­es­sar­ily what you would as­sume are a perk of be­ing a pest tech­ni­cian, but it is for Chris Bowen.

He made the move from re­tail man­age­ment to work for Ren­tokil three years ago and now works at sites all over Syd­ney’s CBD.

“Even though the per­cep­tion of pest con­trol is all bugs and no play, it’s a lot more fun than that,” he said.

“I get to climb up build­ings that are 44 storeys and look over the har­bour from many dif­fer­ent points.”

The views of bugs and ro­dents might not be as pretty, but Mr Bowen said he likes the prob­lem-solv­ing as­pect of deal­ing with them.

“As long as you’ve got an in­quis­i­tive mind you will en­joy it,” he said.

“You are con­tin­u­ally learn­ing and you are al­ways try­ing to bet­ter the process.

“You go through the place me­thod­i­cally and find ev­ery place they can get into.”

With an early start of 6am and the po­ten­tial for be­ing called out to jobs at night for overtime af­ter his shift, Mr Bowen regularly finds him­self in all kinds of places.

“The sites can last any­where from 10 min­utes to eight hours,” he said.

“I’ve done busi­nesses that have been closed for a pe­riod of time and the cock­roach in­fes­ta­tion comes out through the walls,” he said.

“I’ve had them fall on me dur­ing the treat­ment and it’s not the most en­joy­able thing, but the pos­i­tive thing is that you can see the achieve­ment to it.”

Mr Bowen said it is a fal­lacy that pest tech­ni­cians are not afraid of in­sects.

“I’ve ac­tu­ally met a num­ber of tech­ni­cians who are ter­ri­fied of cock­roaches,” he said.

“You might have a pho­bia but you can over­come that.

“I still have my own fears about them, but for me, it’s just be­ing aware of what I’m go­ing into.”


Ren­tokil pest tech­ni­cian Chris Bowen at the Ren­tokil head of­fice.

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