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HOUSE­HOLD moulds can be ugly and a dan­ger to your health and home.

Caused by con­den­sa­tion, damp­ness, un­der­ground mois­ture ris­ing or leak­ing wa­ter pipes, mould could pose a prob­lem any­where there is poor ven­ti­la­tion or hu­mid­ity.

If caught in time, it can be treated with some care, Cameron Frazer, ar­chi­tect and man­ag­ing di­rec­tor of Archi­cen­tre, says. Frazer has the fol­low­ing ad­vice:

It is im­por­tant to treat ex­ist­ing mould be­fore tak­ing steps to re­duce con­den­sa­tion.

In­stall ceil­ing in­su­la­tion to end sim­ple cases of con­den­sa­tion damp­ness. This stops the ceil­ing and the tops of walls from get­ting too cold.

When dec­o­rat­ing, be aware that mould grows through paint or pa­per so don’t just dec­o­rate over prob­lem ar­eas. In­stead, use a salt neu­traliser on the wall and then brush on an anti-mould paint. If us­ing wall­pa­per, use an an­ti­mould wall­paste as mould loves to grow in wall­pa­per lin­ings.

Con­sider putting heavy cur­tains with pel­mets over win­dows as they cre­ate an in­su­lat­ing layer of air that pre­vents con­den­sa­tion form­ing on the cold glass sur­face. In- stalling trickle vents in win­dows will also help.

Have ther­mo­stat­i­cally con­trolled heat­ing where pos­si­ble.

Open win­dows and cut back plants and trees near the house to in­crease nat­u­ral air­flow.

Ex­ter­nally vent all wa­ter-vapour pro­duc­ing ap­pli­ances such as wash­ing ma­chines, clothes dry­ers, showers and stoves. Vent­ing into the roof space can cause con­den­sa­tion prob­lems.

En­sure all cook­ing, bathing and clothes ap­pli­ances have enough air cir­cu­lat­ing around them.

In­stall ex­trac­tor fans in the kitchen, bath­room and laun­dry.

Cover your pot with a lid when cook­ing to re­duce mois­ture. Open­ing win­dows or in­stalling an ex­trac­tor fan can help fight mould prob­lems at home.

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