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WHEEL ALIGN­MENT: This refers to the di­rec­tion of the wheels on the road. Wheels are aligned if they are all point­ing the same way; they are un­aligned if the car veers in one di­rec­tion while there are no hands on the steer­ing wheel. Wheels that aren't aligned can cause un­even wear and tear WHEEL BAL­ANCE: A bal­anced tyre hits the road evenly on all parts as it ro­tates. Tyres are most prob­a­bly un­bal­anced if the steer­ing wheel shakes when the car reaches a cer­tain speed PUNC­TURES: Punc­tures in the tread of a tyre — the bot­tom part that makes con­tact with the road — such as oc­curs with a nail, can be re­paired. A “blown out” tyre refers to dam­age on the wall of the tyre — the part that faces out­wards. Dam­age on the wall can­not be fixed — the tyre must be re­placed

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