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WHAT tools will you need? Your skills and the kinds of jobs you do must be your guide, but a good ba­sic se­lec­tion would in­clude some of the fol­low­ing:

Tape mea­sure: you might have heard the say­ing “mea­sure twice, cut once”. Well, you need a tape mea­sure for that and to do other things such as mea­sur­ing win­dows.

Hack­saw: cuts through wood and even me­tal. Look for the kind where you can easily re­place the blades.

Screw­driver set: from pry­ing the lids off paint cans to open­ing child­proof bat­tery com­part­ments, this set is a must-have. For a more so­phis­ti­cated set, get pre­ci­sion screw­drivers (a sin­gle screw­driver that al­lows you to ac­cess a num­ber of in­ter­change­able bits, depend­ing on the pro­ject).

Level: no more crookedly-hung photos. A level en­sures you hang or in­stall any­thing per­fectly, in­clud­ing your flat-screen tele­vi­sion and shelves.

Util­ity knife: ideal for pre­ci­sion cut­ting from the most flex­i­ble to re­sis­tant ma­te­ri­als.

Wall­board saw: if you need to cut small holes in your plas­ter walls, this is the per­fect tool. It has ser­rated edges and a sharp tip that pierces through the gyprock.

Spring clamp: acts as a third hand to hold items in place.

Sta­ple gun: per­fect for sta­pling uphol­stery and any craft projects.

Hand riv­eter: de­signed to join two pieces of me­tal to­gether through a predrilled hole; great for re­pairs.

Oth­ers: safety gog­gles, work gloves, rags, pen­cil, su­per­glue and WD-40.

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