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DE­SIGNER Liz Payne is turn­ing em­broi­dery on its head with her bold and con­tem­po­rary cre­ations.

Payne, owner of Flirt­ing with Yel­low, makes what she de­scribes as “one of a kind hand em­broi­dered art­work, com­bin­ing hand painted tex­tiles and lots of em­broi­dery and bead­ing”.

“I ex­plore art and craft by merg­ing paint­ing with em­broi­dery and bead­ing. I am drawn to us­ing thread as a medium be­cause not only does it add in­ter­est to an art­work (in­stead of pen, pen­cil or the paint­brush) but pro­vides tex­ture and di­men­sion,’’ she says.

Selling her col­lec­tion through online store Etsy (Etsy.com), Payne also won the Etsy De­sign Award re­cently with her em­broi­dery art­work called Not Afraid.

“This piece is ‘Not Afraid’ to be bold, to be colour­ful, to be dif­fer­ent and one of a kind,” she says.

She plays with loads of colours in her col­lec­tions.

“I never re­ally un­der­stood how any­one could choose just one favourite colour,” she says.

Payne says through her art­work she wants to bring the lost art of em­broi­dery back into our homes.

“Em­broi­dery can def­i­nitely have a stigma to it (that it’s grand­moth­erly or old fash­ioned),’’ she says.

“It’s my hope when peo­ple see my work that this old con­no­ta­tion is blown out of the wa­ter.

“I am tak­ing an old method and choice of medium but ap­ply­ing it in a more con­tem­po­rary ap­proach.

“His­tor­i­cally em­broi­dery also has a con­no­ta­tion to it that it must be per­fect but my work cel­e­brates the fact that it doesn’t have to be.”

Flirt­ing with Yel­low's Liz Payne shows off her hand­made col­lec­tion of mainly orig­i­nal, one of a kind hand-em­broi­dered art­work, which she sells through online store Etsy (Etsy.com).

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