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DAN­GER­OUS or not, ev­ery mos­quito found buzzing around the back­yard is an un­wel­come guest.

Many of the sprays and creams we use to re­pel th­ese bit­ing bugs of­ten tend to have scents that are un­ap­peal­ing to hu­mans as well.

Nat­u­ral al­ter­na­tives with pleas­ant smells come in all forms th­ese days and do not have to be put on the skin.

Mayo Hard­ware prod­uct man­ager Daniel Jaegers says his com­pany’s range of mos­quito re­pel­lents use san­dal­wood and cit­ronella in the form of in­cense sticks, can­dles and torch oil.

“They are less in­tru­sive. You set them up and then you can get on with your bar­be­cue,” he says.

Jaegers says peo­ple can mix and match out­door prod­ucts like the San­talum Es­tate – All Nat­u­ral Mozzie Re­pelling Sticks and Wax­works Cit­ronella Can­dles to keep mos­qui­toes away.

“You build a bar­rier around your en­ter­tain­ing space,” he says.

“Cit­ronella and san­dal­wood mask the car­bon diox- ide and lac­tic acid that hu­mans give off, which mos­qui­toes are at­tracted to.”

In­sect zap­pers should be kept away from the house as they are de­signed to bring mos­qui­toes to them.

“They have a UV lamp which gives off a wave­length that mos­qui­toes are at­tracted to,” Jaegers says.

If the mos­quito prob­lem gets in­side the house, Gecko have an in­door in­sect zap­per that can be hung on a wall.

Sil­i­cone wrist bands such as the Biteshield Mozzie Band are in­fused with cit­ronella to keep bugs away.

Top left: Gecko Cordless Rechar­gable In­sect Zap­per; Bot­tom left: Biteshield Mozzie Bands.

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