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Prop­erly clean­ing/main­tain­ing car­pets can help to:

Pro­long the life of car­pets. Reg­u­lar car­pet clean­ing us­ing the ex­trac­tion method can in­crease the life of car­pets sig­nif­i­cantly, pro­tect­ing your in­vest­ment;

Pro­tect in­door air qual­ity. Car­pets trap air­borne pol­lu­tants, which should be re­moved to pro­tect car­pet and main­tain in­door air qual­ity;

Pre­vent build-up of al­ler­gens and bac­te­ria. Moist soil­ing of car­pets can re­sult in the build-up of sev­eral un­healthy con­tam­i­nants;

Re­move dust mites and bed­bugs that may have found a home in car­pets;

Main­tain the car­pet’s war­ranty. Most car­pet warranties re­quire that car­pets be cleaned us­ing the ex­trac­tion method within a spe­cific amount of time, usu­ally ev­ery 12-18 months. CLEAN, well-main­tained car­pets speak vol­umes about the over­all hygiene of any space.

We like to think we can keep our car­pets clean on our own with just a reg­u­lar vac­uum and blot­ting when there’s a stain, right?

Wrong. Chris Smith, the owner of VIP Car­pet Clean­ing in Bass Hill, said vac­u­um­ing was not enough.

Pro­fes­sional clean­ing at least once ev­ery six months is the best way to pro­tect your car­pet.

Mr Smith said pro­fes­sional car­pet clean­ing might seem like a waste of money, but there was high price to pay liv­ing with filthy car­pets.

He said most home­own­ers only hired help when the mess was out of con­trol.

“We get a lot of emer­gency calls from cus­tomers who have pets that have done their dirty busi­ness on the car­pets,’’ Mr Smith said.

“We have spe­cialised clean­ing prod­ucts, which we ap­ply be­fore us­ing ex­trac­tion ma­chines.’’

If you spill red wine on car­pet, he ad­vised to keep the area damp with wa­ter and white vine­gar be­fore get­ting help.

Mr Smith said a pro­fes­sional car­pet cleaner’s life was chaotic.

“A typ­i­cal day would be head­ing home late, then get­ting a call for an ur­gent ser­vice needed for pet stains or wa­ter leaks,’’ he said.

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