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March 6 David Strass­man re­turns with a new show, iT­edE: About Chuck­ing Time, filled with an evening of hi­lar­i­ous com­edy and side-split­ting an­tics from Ted E. Bare, Chuck Wood and their crazy friends. Where: Rooty Hill RSL Cost: $49 De­tails: rooty­

SINCE he be­gan his ca­reer as a street per­former in New York City, David Strass­man has liked to push the bound­aries of ven­tril­o­quism.

In 1986, he in­tro­duced ro­bot­ics, with some help from a NASA friend, which meant he could leave the stage but still con­trol his pup­pets re­motely.

His lat­est show, iT­edE, takes things a step fur­ther.

The first part of the show fea­tures reg­u­lars Chuck Wood, Ted E Bare, Kevin the Alien, Granpa Fred and Sid the Beaver in tra­di­tional hand-up-the-back­side ven­tril­o­quist mode.

The fi­nale, how­ever, is more com­plex, with all five on stage and Strass­man op­er­at­ing them live via a wire­less hand­held de­vice as he con­ducts a six-way dis­cus­sion. Or ar­gu­ment, if the evil Chuck has his way.

We caught up with Chuck to find out more about the show and life with Strass­man.

Hi Chuck, thanks for your time. Can you tell us how life has changed since your early days busk­ing in New York? It’s nice to per­form in­doors! You’ve been per­form­ing with David Strass­man for 40-odd years. Do you some­times feel a bit like an old mar­ried cou­ple?

I don’t think be­ing forced into a suit­case af­ter ev­ery show is like be­ing mar­ried. Oh wait. Maybe it is.

What hap­pened to your hair? And is that some kind of tribal mark­ing on your head?

Yes, it’s a totem mark­ing from my Huon pine clan in Tas­ma­nia. Any more info and I’ll have to kill you.

How of­ten do you dream of turn­ing the ta­bles and stick­ing your hand up David? Colonoscopy, any­one? What’s the story with the tech­nol­ogy in iT­edE?

Strasso op­er­ates all five of us pup­pets, live, with a lit­tle thingy in his hand. It’s re­ally spooky but nice to have a bit of au­ton­o­mous free­dom.

We’ve seen tech­nol­ogy dis- rupt count­less in­dus­tries. Do you think this lat­est gizmo might make David re­dun­dant?

His tech­nol­ogy will soon have me do­ing shows in Syd­ney while he’s sip­ping drinks in Fiji. It’s just not fair.

Do you ever try to an­noy David by do­ing Ted E Bare’s voice in­stead of your own?

All the time. I al­ways say in Ted’s voice: I’m just a stupid bear!

How about sneak­ing in some of your own ma­te­rial? I wrote the bloody show! You’ve spent a lot of time in Aus­tralia. What’s your favourite part about the place?

Board­ing my plane for Los An­ge­les.

We hear you’re into the pup­pet ver­sion of Tin­der. Any luck there?

Yeah, it’s called “Pin­der”. Tin­der for pup­pets. The only prob­lem is I can’t move my arms to swipe right or left.

David Strass­man can al­ways rely on some ex­plo­sive in­put from Chuck Wood.

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