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›› Ice is a stim­u­lant drug and metham­phetamine, which is gen­er­ally stronger, is more ad­dic­tive and has more harm­ful side ef­fects than the pow­der form known as speed

›› Ice users feel plea­sure and con­fi­dence, alert­ness and en­ergy, itch­ing, fast heart rate, poor ap­petite

›› It can take sev­eral days to ‘come down’ from us­ing ice. The fol­low­ing ef­fects may be ex­pe­ri­enced: dif­fi­culty sleep­ing and ex­haus­tion; headaches, dizzi­ness, blurred vi­sion; para­noia, hal­lu­ci­na­tions and con­fu­sion

›› With reg­u­lar use, ice may cause: ex­treme weight loss, rest­less sleep, dry mouth, den­tal prob­lems, trou­ble con­cen­trat­ing, breath­less­ness, para­noia and vi­o­lence, de­pres­sion

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