Ques­tion time with the PM

Last week Labor leader Bill Shorten re­vealed a more per­sonal side, now it’s PM Mal­colm Turn­bull’s turn to tell us a bit more about him­self. Adam Bell re­ports.

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QIf you were to be stranded on a desert is­land and could take a playlist of only five songs, what would they be? AMy favourite song is the Men­tals’ If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?, so a few of theirs, and also some of Kate MillerHei­dke’s. QWhich teams do you fol­low in the NRL, AFL and soc­cer? AMy teams are the Roost­ers, Syd­ney Swans and the Matil­das. QWhat sport did you play when you were grow­ing up? ARugby union. I used to play in the for­wards for Syd­ney Uni­ver­sity and oc­ca­sion­ally for Drum­moyne. QWhat is your cur­rent favourite TV show and favourite TV char­ac­ter? AMy favourite show is the ABC’s le­gal drama Janet King. QYour favourite Aus­traAIt’s lian movie? hard to go past Gal­lipoli. QFavourite hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion, in Aus­tralia and over­seas? AWe still own my fa­ther’s farm in the Hunter Val­ley – it’s al­ways a favourite for fam­ily holidays. QWhat was the first car you owned? AA blue Mini Mi­nor that had be­longed to the NSW Po­lice. Q What was your first job? AA­part from odd jobs and help­ing my fa­ther, my first real job was work­ing for a ba­nana mer­chant down at the Syd­ney Mar­kets when they were in Hay­mar­ket. QDo you play an in­stru­ment? If so, what? Or what do you wish you learnt to play? ANo – I have never played an in­stru­ment. QAt what age did you buy your first prop­erty? Where was it? AIt was a cot­tage in New­town when I was in my 20s. QYour nick­name at school/uni? AI never re­ally had one. QWhat is your favourite dish to cook? AMy stan­dard dish is pasta with home­made tomato pas­sata. You can throw in what­ever’s avail­able in the kitchen. Sausage, for ex­am­ple. Or, as I did with (po­lit­i­cal writer) Annabel Crabb once, some yab­bies. QWhat is your favourARober­tite book? Hughes’ The

Fa­tal Shore. Not only was (my wife) Lucy’s un­cle Bob a bril­liant writer but he was also the ul­ti­mate ra­con­teur and a very good fish­ing buddy and cook. QWho is your favourite AMy su­per­hero?

grand­son Jack has shown a par­tic­u­lar fond­ness for his Spi­derMan bike hel­met, so I’m go­ing to go with his ad­vice and say Spi­der-Man. QIf you could choose a po­lit­i­cal hero, dead or alive, who would you choose to be stranded with on a desert is­land? AYou can’t go past Win­ston Churchill. He lived such a long and mo­men­tous life, he would have a lot of sto­ries to tell.

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