Pa­tients sick of trans­fers out of area

Res­i­dents want to be treated closer to home

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MT DRUITT res­i­dents want their hos­pi­tal to serve the community, rather than send pa­tients away to other fa­cil­i­ties.

Christina Markou’s re­cent ex­pe­ri­ences in the med­i­cal sys­tem have con­vinced her of the need to up­grade Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal.

Ms Markou’s fa­ther Ni­cholas Markou, 68, suf­fered a stroke in May but wasn’t able to be seen at Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal.

In­stead, he was taken to Ne­pean Hos­pi­tal where he spent more than a month.

Ms Markou, of Dhar­ruk, who has a dis­abil­ity from an in­jury, had to travel to Pen­rith to visit him ev­ery day.

Af­ter spend­ing weeks go­ing to Ne­pean Hos­pi­tal, she signed her fa­ther out and took him home.

“Ev­ery week they said they said they would trans­fer him to Mt Druitt for re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion, and they said it was de­clin­ing him,” Ms Markou said.

“It was very frus­trat­ing hav­ing to go to a hos­pi­tal not near home.

“It was very ex­pen­sive be­cause you have to pay just to get into the carpark and petrol to go back and forth.”

Mr Markou said he pre­ferred go­ing to Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal be­cause it was closer for his daugh­ter to visit.

“The Gov­ern­ment shouldn’t be wast­ing the money on things that aren’t im­por­tant and they should start putting the money into health,” Mr Markou said.

Ms Markou said Mt Druitt staff were “bril­liant” years ago when her fa­ther was ad­mit­ted for a heart by­pass.

“Mt Druitt needs to be back up and run­ning as a

full hos­pi­tal,” she in­sisted.

Mt Druitt state La­bor MP Edmond Atalla said Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal should be up­graded to re­duce the bur­den on other hos­pi­tals.

“Peo­ple come (to Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal) emer­gency de­part­ment who need to be hos­pi­talised and have to be trans­ferred to an­other hos­pi­tal,” Mr Atalla said.

“That’s adding pres­sure on Ne­pean and Black­town hos­pi­tals.”

Katie Hibbs, 24, of Mt Druitt, has type one di­a­betes and was taken to Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal with di­a­betic ke­toaci­do­sis on Aus­tralia Day.

She said that af­ter five hours wait­ing at Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal, an am­bu­lance of­fi­cer ar­rived and told her she was be­ing taken to Black­town Hos­pi­tal.

Ms Hibbs said she pre­ferred her lo­cal hos­pi­tal.

“When I first got di­ag­nosed with di­a­betes (Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal) was re­ally good,” Ms Hibbs said. “Now doc­tors don’t com­mu­ni­cate and they don’t have the wards to treat peo­ple.”

Mr Atalla said Mt Druitt used to have 200 beds avail­able but was down to around 100. He said the rooms and in­fra­struc­ture were there, so re­turn­ing it to full ser­vice wasn’t im­pos­si­ble.

Peo­ple come (to Mt Druitt Hos­pi­tal) emer­gency de­part­ment who need to be hos­pi­talised and have to be trans­ferred to an­other hos­pi­tal

Edmond Atalla

Pic­ture: Justin San­son

Christina Markou is caring for her fa­ther, Ni­cholas Markou, at their home in Dhar­ruk.

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