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I am the black sheep.

Not in a bad way, it’s just that I stand out from my herd a lit­tle. My dad’s a neu­rol­o­gist, and so too is his wife. My late mum was a com­puter sci­en­tist, my sis­ter is a chem­i­cal en­gi­neerngi­neer as is her part­ner, and my lit­tle brother is a math­e­ma­ti­cian.

On the other hand, I’m a cook. Oh well, to each h their own, I guess.

How­ever, be­long­ingg mat­ters so, in an ef­fortrt to reaf­firm my place within thin this herd, I have de­cided ded to do a lit­tle of their thing ng and take a sci­en­tific ap­proach oach to some­thing I love.

Bak­ing. Not the com­pli­cated stuff, that’sat’s be­yond me, but some­thing el­e­men­tary? y? Well, even I can do that.

Take short­bread forr ex­am­ple. Ide­ally it should be light, crumbly, del­i­cate and rich. While it is one of our most tra­di­tional and trea­sured recipes, s, the science of how to per­fect it is re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing.

Gen­tly rub­bing the flour with but­ter cre­ates a fatty bar­rier that pre­vents the pro­tein strands from join­ing to be­come gluti­nous. The re­sult? Ten­der bis­cuits. Re­plac­ing 15 per cent of the wheat flour with rice flour en­hance en­hances that ef­fect by re­ducin re­duc­ing the to­tal po­ten­tial gluten. Us­ing ic­ing su­gar in place of caster su­gar gives struc­tur struc­tural sta­bil­ity through finer cry crys­tal for­ma­tions, mean­ing that the short­bread has delic del­i­cate mouth­feel as well as s struc­tural in­tegrity. Lastly, freez­ing the bis­cuits prior to bak­ing is the key to en en­sur­ing that their sha shape re­mains per­fect be be­cause the bonds be be­tween the fat and fl flour mod­ify through b be­ing frozen. And there you have it, the most de­li­cious (and h herdi­est) bis­cuit y you’ll eat all week. An And there’s not a lab coa coat in sight. It It’s a bit of an unu un­usual way to think abou about bak­ing, but in the end it r re­ally does make for a bet­ter prod­uct. And hey, I can’t de deny my her­itage!

‘‘ The science of how to per­fect it is re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing

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