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SCI-FI movies and hi-tech lux­ury in­ven­tions have dis­torted our per­cep­tion of what home au­to­ma­tion looks like, Smarthome­works owner Guy Holden says.

Once con­sid­ered the do­main of the rich and fa­mous, Holden says the trend of in­te­grated tech­nol­ogy in the home is some­thing that Aus­tralia has been at the fore­front of for many years.

“We’ve got some equip­ment that makes it much cheaper than most places in the world,” he says.

The ad­vance­ment of in­ter­net and phone tech­nolo­gies have now made in­te­grated sys­tems much eas­ier and af­ford­able to use.

Holden says the ser­vices his busi­ness in­stalls are linked to the fea­tures al­ready found in most new homes.

In­te­grated sys­tems like Sa­vant can be used to con­trol fea­tures like light­ing, se­cu­rity, air­con­di­tion­ing and mu­sic from your phone or one re­mote con­trol.

“For any­body who is ren­o­vat­ing, you should get some ad­vice about what sorts of cables should be put in,” Holden says.

Ceil­ing speak­ers are a pop­u­lar op­tion that stream dif­fer­ent pieces of mu­sic to each area of that house.

“If you want back­ground mu­sic, it should be in the ceil­ing be­cause mu­sic that is next to your ear is dis­tract­ing,” Holden says.

The sys­tems can also give home­own­ers many ad­vanced op­tions in se­cu­rity.

“You’ve got the abil­ity to open the front door from any­where in the house or any­where in the world,” Holden says. “You can also have a but­ton by your bed that turns the light on if you hear a strange noise out­side.

“If you press the but­ton and hold it down, the alarm goes off and if you press it three or four times it sends a panic mes­sage to the back to base se­cu­rity peo­ple and they will call the cops.” Find more in­for­ma­tion at smarthome­

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