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THE lens we choose to look through de­ter­mines our per­cep­tion of re­al­ity. Over the last few days, I have watched and lis­tened to some peo­ple quickly judg­ing and aban­don­ing our Mus­lim com­mu­nity. Peo­ple who choose to view the world through one lens have only a one-di­men­sional view of re­al­ity. Those peo­ple have lit­tle ex­pe­ri­ence with the Mus­lim com­mu­nity and per­pet­u­ate racism based on me­dia com­men­tary, which only fo­cuses on the ex­treme. If we look through a one-di­men­sional lens we risk be­com­ing the voices of con­tempt, judg­ment and ir­ra­tional­ity. The chal­lenge is to view the world through many lenses to ac­knowl­edge the di­ver­sity in our coun­try.

Fa­ther Chris Ri­ley, Youth off the Streets

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