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I’M still as­ton­ished by the cul­tural power of sushi in Aus­tralia. In just two decades the idea of eat­ing raw fish has trans­formed it­self from culi­nary out­lier to the kind of main­stream en­tity that is found in every mall and shop­ping strip rip across the coun­try.

We didn’t just dis­coverover sushi, we learned to love ove it, and em­braced it as part art of our gas­tro­nom­i­cal fam­ily. mily.

But along­side the de­li­cious­ness of this el­e­gant Ja­panese cui­sine lie the he oftre­peated claims that raw fish is a health­ier way y of eat­ing. In­deed, that state­ment is made aboutout most foods, es­pe­cially y by the fringe foodophiles.s.

There’s a lot of re­search into this ques­tion, much of it con­ducted by the USDA.

The re­sults? Well, they’re kind of mixed. .

Some nu­tri­tional com­po­nents are di­min­ished or de­stroyed by heat, while oth­ers are made e more di­gestible. But the gov­ern­ing rule re­mains — for the most st part your body will only metabolise what it needs. Vi­ta­mins like A, C, ri­boflavin and niacin are neg­a­tively af­fected by cook­ing, and are much bet­ter when con­sumed in raw food foods. On the plus side, Vi­ta­min B12 (es­sen­tial for a range of things in­clud­ing proper D DNA repli­ca­tion) is made va vastly more di­gestible by the a ap­pli­ca­tion of heat. It be­comes al­most three times more po po­tent. Cooki Cook­ing (when done oil­free) als also re­duces the kilo­joul kilo­joules in food, as some of the nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring oils seep out. But the big big­gest ben­e­fit of co cook­ing is the way it tr trans­forms pro­tein. De­pend­ing on the fo food source be­ing c cooked, you can get u up to 30 per cent more ben­e­fit from the same piece of meat or fish. My con­clu­sion? It’s all a mat­ter of bal­ance. Eat some raw, eat some cook cooked, and try to reme re­mem­ber the most im­por im­por­tant rule of all. Never w wipe your eyes af­ter han­dlin han­dling wasabi!

Cook­ing (when done oil-free) also re­duces the kilo­joules in food

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