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FIRST things first, I am not a ve­gan.

That prob­a­bly won’t sur­prise you (espe­cially as there is so much de­li­cious bacon in the world), but it also shouldn’t be seen as a vote against the idea. In fact, I think there’s a lot to rec­om­mend the con­cept of a non-an­i­mal diet.

While in­di­vid­ual cul­tures have sub­scribed to the idea of ve­g­an­ism over the mil­len­nia, as a sec­u­lar philo­soph­i­cal no­tion it is en­tirely a prod­uct of the 20th cen­tury. And no sur­prise, it is vastly more pop­u­lar as a di­etary choice in wealth­ier com­mu­ni­ties where food scarcity is not an is­sue.

The ba­sic idea, as es­poused by Don­ald Wat­son in the 1940s, is to “live with­out ex­ploit­ing an­i­mals”. And re­ally, how can you ar­gue with that goal?

It be­gins from a po­si­tion of re­spect for liv­ing crea­tures.

But what of the health out­comes?

Ve­g­an­ism, when cor­rectly prac­tised, is com­monly a nu­tri­ent-dense way of eat­ing, proven to have rel­a­tively high fi­bre, vi­ta­min and min­eral de­liv­ery. It is also choles­terol-free and pro­motes heart and gut health. W With its lower en­ergy-d en­ergy-den­sity it is also ex­cellen ex­cel­lent in manag­ing weight g gain and obe­sity, which in turn elim­i­nates dis­eases like type 2 di­a­betes. Re­ally Re­ally, the only key fault in ve­gan ve­g­an­ism is the lack of Vi­ta­min B12. Es­sen­tial for cor­rect c cell di­vi­sion, blood matura mat­u­ra­tion, DNA replic repli­ca­tion and nerve func func­tion, B12 can­not be reg re­garded as an op­tional ex ex­tra. As it is found ex ex­clu­sively in an­i­mal prod­ucts (and in small amounts in mush­rooms) ve­g­ans are al­most al­ways B12 de­fi­cient. Ex­ter­nal su sup­ple­ments are av avail­able, and should be u used. M Made from bac­te­ria, th­ese ad­di­tives en­sure that ve ve­g­an­ism can be done in a hea healthy and mind­ful way.

It be­gins from a po­si­tion of re­spect for liv­ing crea­tures

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