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Youth­ful hair cuts could prove a re­tire­ment boon

Mt Druitt - St Mary's Standard (East) - - NEWS - mi­randa mur­phy Mi­randa Mur­phy is a mother of three and a jour­nal­ist at The Aus­tralian. Fol­low her on Twit­ter @mur­phymi­randa

HAIR­DRESS­ING can be quite ex­pen­sive, so I’m sure money sav­ing was on my five-year-old’s mind the time she help­fully de­cided to cut her own hair.

It was bleed­ingly ob­vi­ous that my daugh­ter had sneak­ily taken the scis­sors to her fringe, given the dis­crep­ancy be­tween the left and right side when she slunk down to din­ner one night.

“Given our­selves a lit­tle hair­cut, have we?” I gen­tly in­quired.

She de­nied it flat out. I pointed out that half her fringe had dis­ap­peared.

This was an in­escapable fact, and the five-year-old knew it.

“Um, it must have … ripped,” she ven­tured.

The sheer un­like­li­hood of this ex­pla­na­tion was in­creased by the laser-like straight­ness of the hair­cut, but I se­cretly liked her chutz­pah so I let it slide.

And any­way, she was go­ing to have to front up to school the next day –a de­cent life les­son – which she did with all the bluff of a kid who knows they’re rum­bled.

Alas for her, later that day I found the other half of her fringe, on a cor­ner of her bed­room car­pet.

It was so dis­ap­point­ing. I’d hope a child of mine would at least have the rat cun­ning to hide the ev­i­dence.

Still, most of us did it as chil­dren too.

My mate’s niece, who at three (a snippy age) hacked off her hair in protest at the ar­rival of her baby brother.

Then there’s the mat­ter of kids cut­ting other kids’ hair: like the time a friend, aged about eight and dili­gently do­ing her home­work, turned around to find her tri­umphant three-year-old sis­ter hold­ing aloft the shears and a chunk of her hair.

She never heard the silent at­tack com­ing.

Of course, you could en­cour­age it, in the hope they grow into pro­fes­sional stylists who can tend your tresses in your pover­tys­tricken re­tire­ment.

Af­ter all, a good hair­cut doesn’t come cheap

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