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SKI boots - how long do they last? It’s a tricky ques­tion.

Most man­u­fac­tures’ say ski boots should last from 100 to 200 ski days or about five years - of course, this is go­ing to de­pend on a truck load of vari­ables.

How many days in win­ter you ski? How close your fit is? What level of per­for­mance your boot is aimed at and how hard you ski?

If you ski only 10 days in a win­ter your boots could well last for 10 years or more pro­vided they are looked af­ter.

Those luck­ily enough to ski ev­ery day in Australia fol­lowed by a north­ern win­ter will see the best of their boot gone in one year.

In most cases it’s the liner that sim­ply packs out due to wear.

The shells could still in pretty good nick. It’s usu­ally im­pos­si­ble to buy orig­i­nal lin­ers five years down the track. Mod­els and shapes have changed by then.

Af­ter­mar­ket al­ter­na­tives can now pro­vide a bunch of cus­tom liner op­tions to keep your boots go­ing. In fact they are quite of­ten a bet­ter liner in the first place.

The In­tu­ition liner that’s made from a New Zealand in­vented heat mould­able foam is very com­fort­able and very warm for those who feel the cold.

The liner I use my­self is a cork flow based liner de­vel­oped by an ex­pat Aussie Sven Coomer who now lives in Aspen Co.

The SvenFit, or Zip­fit as its known, is heat moulded but never sets hard.

The cork flow ma­te­rial reacts to how you are ski­ing.

They never pack out and you can re­mould them many times and even trans­fer them to a dif­fer­ent shell in the fu­ture.

Foam in­jected lin­ers from the French spe­cial­ist Si­das Con­form­able of­fer ex­cep­tional pre­ci­sion with im­proved com­fort and flex.

There is how­ever one is­sue we need to take into ac­count.

In Australia we end up walk­ing in our boots on bi­tu­men, con­crete and even gravel.

Ex­ces­sive wear of the boot sole is the end re­sult.

With ex­treme wear this will re­sult in your boots no longer be­ing com­pat­i­ble with your bind­ings which can cause the bind­ings not to func­tion cor­rectly.

So check your boot soles for wear. If you have screw on soles th­ese should be re­placed when the screws show signs of wear.

At Bumps we have a huge range of spares go­ing back many years. Safe Ski­ing.

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