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Quit­ting smok­ing can be one of the hard­est things to do, but Rose­mary Kelly of Smoke No More has as­sisted hun­dreds of peo­ple to get rid of those crav­ings and quit smok­ing for good.

As an ex­pe­ri­enced Reiki prac­ti­tioner and hyp­nother­a­pist, Rose­mary’s method con­sists of heal­ing and re­pro­gram­ming the brain to give up smok­ing for­ever.

“Quit­ting smok­ing this way makes it easy be­cause it takes the crav­ings away com­pletely” said Rose­mary. “The hyp­no­sis takes away the de­sire for a cig­a­rette and the at­tach­ment to them. This is usu­ally the hard­est part of quit­ting”.

Rose­mary ex­plained that in hyp­no­sis we talk to the un­con­scious part of the mind which is where the crav­ings are. “When we think, we are in our con­scious mind. Those feel­ings of want­ing to smoke are in the un­con­scious mind and hard to change.”

The ther­apy Rose­mary of­fers doesn’t only fo­cus on stop­ping the crav­ings and habit but also deals with the emo­tional rea­sons why the per­son may have picked up cig­a­rettes in the first place.

Dur­ing a one off con­sult with Rose­mary in Nar­ro­gin, she will take you through the heal­ing work and hyp­no­sis and let you leave free from crav­ings. The 3 hour ap­point­ments are one on one. If you’re ready and want­ing to quit, give Rose­mary a call.

Rose­mary con­sults in Nar­ro­gin once a month. She also of­fers Reiki heal­ing ses­sions and weight loss ther­apy.

Con­tact Rose­mary Kelly on 0419 139 471.

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