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What are the per­for­mance ben­e­fits of us­ing Sass/Less rather than ‘nor­mal’ CSS? Martin Oxby, In­ver­ness, UK HR: A pre­proces­sor is to per­for­mance what a knife is to a meal – a good knife might make you work faster and more ef­fec­tively, but it won’t nec­es­sar­ily make your food taste any bet­ter. You could use Sass to make nice DRY code that promotes re­use, low­ers file­size, and helps per­for­mance, or you could use Sass to in­ad­ver­tently gen­er­ate a mil­lion lines of un­nec­es­sary CSS that com­pletely de­stroy per­for­mance. Re­mem­ber: garbage in, garbage out.

The ba­sics This video gives a con­cise over­view of the Phys­i­cal Web

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