Mo­ron Moun­tain

An app links visi­tors in the world’s most con­nected theme park

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Perched atop a moun­tain in a not too dis­tant galaxy, high-adren­a­line thrill park Mo­ron Moun­tain ac­cepts visi­tors seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Mo­ron Moun­tain has no is­sues get­ting its cus­tomers to re­turn on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. How? By be­ing the most con­nected theme park in the uni­verse.

Mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tions that sync with wear­able de­vices (like the Ap­ple watch) record ev­ery­thing the user does in the park. This al­lows visi­tors to rack up points that go to­wards park perks, keep­ing them com­ing back for more.

The site it­self cen­tres around a search bar that lets users search the en­tire site and re­turns re­sults in a sim­i­lar way to a search en­gine. It would use a frame­work like Solr – this is rel­a­tively fu­ture-proof be­cause it’s scal­able, fault tol­er­ant, dis­trib­utes in­dex­ing and pro­vides load-bal­anced query­ing.

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( 1) The site search con­nects to the full site data­base us­ing Solr. As the user types what they’re look­ing for, the sys­tem sug­gests pages (by sec­tion) in the same way a search en­gine would. ( 2) A large vis­ual ban­ner pro­vides in­ter­est on the home­page. Fur­ther in­ter­est could be gen­er­ated by making use of CSS3 an­i­ma­tion tech­niques on roll-over. ( 3) The ride sub-menu en­ables users to quickly look at the theme park’s main at­trac­tions. Once se­lected, the user is pre­sented with the lat­est im­ages of the ride, a video show­ing what it’s like to ride and a map show­ing its lo­ca­tion. ( 4) The ‘MM Con­nect’ bar shows the lat­est con­nected visi­tors to the park who have been on the se­lected ride. jQuery would be used to keep this feed mov­ing and vis­ually ap­peal­ing. Visi­tors can view riders’ pro­file pages and con­nect with them via the app. ( 5) At­trac­tion en­try kiosks work in a sim­i­lar way to Ap­ple pay sta­tions – users can log when they go on a ride with a wear­able con­nected de­vice.

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