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When show­cas­ing your work on your own site, is it best to give live links or show static graph­ics/screen­shots? I had al­ways felt that links are the way to go, but that of­fers a po­ten­tial is­sue: it is pos­si­ble for a de­signer to cre­ate a won­der­ful look­ing site, add it to their own port­fo­lio, and then for the client to then make their own changes and com­pletely mess with the slick-look­ing site! There is also the pos­si­bil­ity that a client will re­design a site some time af­ter you de­liver it, so you could end up in­ad­ver­tently claim­ing an­other de­signer’s work as your own! Richard Coull, Dundee, UK net: You can’t ex­pect a web­site you de­sign to stay the same for­ever, and some of the best port­fo­lio sites even have bro­ken links. In the­ory, it’s fine to use screen­grabs of sites to show off your work, and keep the link rel­a­tively hid­den away (here’s one ex­am­ple of how you might do that: www. shane­mielke.com/work/wb­mad­max). And of course, you should also be check­ing for bro­ken links and other is­sues of the sort you de­scribe (some­thing we’re all prob­a­bly guilty of not do­ing reg­u­larly enough).

If you’re re­ally proud of a par­tic­u­lar de­sign that goes on to be changed by the own­ers, I don’t see any­thing wrong in post­ing a screen­shot, la­belling it clearly as a mockup, and not hav­ing a link at all.

How­ever, if clients are chang­ing your de­signs af­ter you’ve de­liv­ered them, there may be a deeper is­sue. Maybe you should work on per­suad­ing them to pay you to main­tain the site over the longer term.

Hid­den link On his port­fo­lio site, Shane Mielke uses mainly screen­grabs, but view­ers can find a link to the live site by ex­pand­ing the ‘info’ sec­tion

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