Alex Pate has used his ex­pe­ri­ence of job hunt­ing to cre­ate this help­ful tool for grad­u­ates

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Ju­niorJobs is Alex Pate’s new tool for en­try-level de­vel­op­ers look­ing for a break

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net: Tell us what Ju­niorJobs is. AP: Ju­niorJobs is a cu­rated list of en­try-level jobs in UK tech and de­sign. That’s it. There are no crazy search op­tions and no lo­gins – it’s just a list. net: What in­spired this project? AP: I’ve al­ways wanted to build some sort of job board, mostly in­spired by my ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing a re­cent grad­u­ate and look­ing for a job. But the project also started be­fore I had grad­u­ated, with a web­site that I started with a few course mates. We built a site where stu­dents could find in­tern­ships, which worked pretty well. How­ever, start­ing a new project of that size when you also have fi­nal-year project dead­lines isn’t the best idea! Ju­niorJobs is a way stripped back ver­sion at the mo­ment, but I would like to even­tu­ally scale it up. net: Who is the project aimed at, and why and how will it help them? AP: The project is aimed at help­ing ju­nior de­vel­op­ers and de­sign­ers find their first gig. It’s some­thing that I re­mem­ber want­ing when I was still study­ing at univer­sity. I wanted to keep the project re­ally niche, as I think that it will be way more use­ful that way, rather than let­ting it be­come sat­u­rated with ir­rel­e­vant post­ings. net: What tech­niques/tech­nolo­gies did you use to build Ju­niorJobs? AP: From a tech­ni­cal point of view, the site is su­per sim­ple. It’s a static site, hosted on S3. It uses Spike, a static site gen­er­a­tor based around Web­pack. It’s very much an MVP, which I hope to ex­pand and add some more func­tion­al­ity to in the fu­ture, but for now it serves its pur­pose. If you’d like to see the source code, it’s all open source (­ex­pate/ju­niorjobs). net: What was your big­gest chal­lenge? AP: Re­mem­ber­ing to keep it sim­ple. It’s so easy, even with a ba­sic one-page project like this, to add in fea­tures that aren’t use­ful. The first ver­sion of this site had dou­ble the amount of fea­tures. Each cat­e­gory had its own page – it had a proper search fea­ture – but none of that stuff is re­ally use­ful, and it sub­tracts from the orig­i­nal idea of sim­plic­ity. net: What has been the re­ac­tion to Ju­niorJobs? AP: It’s been re­ally well re­ceived. I think help­ing juniors find their first job is such a large is­sue that any tool or project is wel­comed. One of the big­gest bits of feed­back is to open it up to other coun­tries. Although this seems like the ob­vi­ous next step, I’m slightly hes­i­tant in do­ing so, as man­ag­ing and cu­rat­ing jobs from one coun­try is a large enough task as it is! That said, if any­one wants to start cu­rat­ing jobs for their coun­try, or wants to sub­mit a job that they’re hir­ing for, to­tally get in touch! net: What do you do in your day job? AP: I’m a UI En­gi­neer at Lys­table. I work with both en­gi­neer­ing and de­sign to en­sure that our prod­uct is as finely pol­ished as it can be.

Info job: UI En­gi­neer, Lys­table w: al­ex­ t: @alexj­pate

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