The lat­est anony­mous ac­count of a night­mare client

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Client: Could you please make these up­dates to the web­site? Thank you? Me: Ab­so­lutely, pas­tor! Al­ready done. I’ll send along an in­voice for 30 min­utes of work. Ten hours later, I’m on va­ca­tion for the week­end with my fam­ily and get a text:

Client: The back­ground im­age is too dark now. Please brighten it ASAP.

Me: Okay! I’m happy to do it pas­tor. How­ever, I’m cur­rently on va­ca­tion with my fam­ily. I’ll get right to it on Mon­day.

Client: I must in­sist you make this change im­me­di­ately. We’ve al­ready paid you for this work. I shouldn’t have to re­mind you like this.

Me: I’m sorry pas­tor, but I’m away from my work com­puter. And, not to quib­ble, but you paid me for the work I al­ready did on Fri­day. I thought for a mo­ment and added: “Also, this is my per­sonal phone – please email me fu­ture work re­quests.” He didn’t like that.

Client: This is very un­pro­fes­sional. This isn’t char­ity work. I was frankly fu­ri­ous, so I didn’t re­ply. The next day I made the changes.

Me: I’ve up­dated the site, and pro­vided you with a few ex­tra de­sign options free of charge. I said my peace, but ap­par­ently the pas­tor was not about to be out ser­moned.

Client: I was merely RE­MIND­ING you to do some­thing that was sup­posed to be done on Fri­day. I love and re­spect you my brother, but that’s highly un­pro­fes­sional.

Me: I did that work al­ready. You asked for an ad­di­tional change after.

Client: You are right – this is an ob­sta­cle for our church do­ing busi­ness with you. Please re­vert ad­min­is­tra­tive priv­i­leges and pro­vide me with a re­fund for this last work. I pro­ceeded to do this with­out any fur­ther com­plaint or ar­gu­ment.

Client: Thank you. I feel your re­fund was a sign of ac­cept­ing re­spon­si­bil­ity, and I ac­cept your apol­ogy. I for­give you, my brother. We’re look­ing for a new church.

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