BE­ING in­tro­verted

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Any ad­vice for in­tro­verted peo­ple who freeze up when try­ing to reach out to po­ten­tial clients? Cliff Now­icki, Southfield, Michi­gan, USA NP: When you’re in busi­ness, be­ing an in­tro­vert is hard! But you can ease the suf­fer­ing by plan­ning ahead. I’ve found it help­ful to cre­ate a list of every­thing that I need to do, say or ac­com­plish in a meet­ing, be­fore I go in. This way, even though I may still strug­gle, I know that I’ll have every­thing I need to write a great pro­posal and com­plete a great project.

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