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(1) ‘Mod­ern. Un­staged.’ plays to a pop­u­lar de­sign move­ment, while leav­ing room for more. The pops of colour high­light­ing the mod­ern fixtures sup­ple­ment this, and pro­vide an eye-catch­ing start­ing point. The depth cre­ated by sub­tle lay­er­ing of the woman and chair help to es­tab­lish an or­ganic ex­pec­ta­tion. This isn’t overly pol­ished and void of emo­tion. This is real. It’s lived in. (2) Fun, con­cise copy­writ­ing fur­ther elab­o­rates on Smith&Co.’s mar­ket fo­cus in an ef­fort to dis­tance it­self from other mod­ern agen­cies that may only care about the big re­veal on open­ing day. This agency puts more thought into the days fol­low­ing that when the cam­eras are gone. It thinks about how you re­ally use the space. (3) A slideshow that utilises colour mask­ing to fade in key colour high­lights from black and white to pop with colour. (4) Smith&Co. is more than smart brand po­si­tion­ing; it’s about psy­chol­ogy. Take its style sur­vey to find out which colours, tex­tures and lay­outs best match your per­son­al­ity.

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