Ally Long

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What’s on your desk­top to­day?

A hard drive full of field pho­to­graphs to comb through.

Lit­tle things that make your life worth­while

Web­sites – ProPublica, Wait But Why and Al Jazeera. Apps – Tweet­bot (I hon­estly don’t un­der­stand how peo­ple use Twit­ter through the na­tive client, with the spon­sored trash and jum­bled time­line), In­stapa­per and Spo­tify. Au­dio – afrobeat, pop for run­ning and the Re­lent­less Pic­nic pod­cast. Read­ing – The Moor’s Last Sigh (Sal­man Rushdie), De­sign An­thro­pol­ogy (Gunn, Otto and Smith), and try­ing to get through The BFG (Roald Dahl) in Ger­man.

What do you have on the walls?

My small col­lec­tion of Aus­tralian art­works, to try to cover up the aw­ful wood­chip wall­pa­per that is en­demic in Ber­lin apart­ments.

What hours do you work?

In Ber­lin, around 10am to 7pm. In Abuja we start at 9am, but that does de­pend on whether I’m in the of­fice or if I’m out in the field.

What else do you do in the of­fice?

In Ber­lin I work from home, so it’s all about just try­ing not to do the dishes or other pro­cras­ti­tasks. In Abuja: lis­ten in be­mused ig­no­rance as ev­ery­one dis­sects the lat­est Game of Thrones, eat fura (yo­ghurt with mil­let) and curse the slow in­ter­net.

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