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The Pts web­site ( https://pt­ has many guides and ex­am­ples to get you started. Here is an over­view: Guides https://pt­ The Get Started guide pro­vides an­other ex­am­ple to help you cre­ate your first Pts sketch, with work­ing code ex­am­ples along the way. The other guides dis­cuss the main classes, like Pt, Group and Op in depth. The guides are ap­proach­able for begin­ners and ex­perts alike, and in­clude cheat sheets for quick ref­er­ence. Demos https://pt­ / https://pt­ The Demos and Stud­ies sec­tion con­tains many fun ex­am­ples, usu­ally writ­ten in a few lines of code with com­ments. Take a look at the source code, mod­ify them, and make them break. A great way to learn is to keep your hands clean and get your code dirty. Docs https://pt­ Pts li­brary is writ­ten in TypeScript, and there­fore the doc­u­men­ta­tion is very de­scrip­tive. In the Docs sec­tion, you can search for any func­tions or prop­er­ties, un­der­stand the types of data that go in and come out, and go to the source code lo­ca­tion with one click. Just Ask­gan/pts/is­sues https://stack­over­ If you get stuck, just ask for help. You can post it as a ques­tion on Stack Over­flow and tag the ques­tion with pts.js, or file an is­sue on GitHub, or just ping @williamn­gan on Twit­ter.

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