Read about your pric­ing ar­ti­cles, but how do you ed­u­cate clients that the pric­ing you quote is worth their money?

net magazine - - Q & AS - Yap Kwang Yik, Sin­ga­pore

Em­pathise Fo­cus on the re­sults of what your work will bring your client. Will they make more money? Will it help them be­come more ef­fi­cient?

Ar­tic­u­late As the ser­vice provider, you’re supremely qual­i­fied to ar­tic­u­late ex­actly how your client will be bet­ter off by work­ing with you. When think­ing through what the project might en­tail, you’ve likely thought about how your client’s life will be bet­ter after you de­liver your work, but few peo­ple re­mem­ber to ac­tu­ally spell out th­ese ben­e­fits to the client.

Re­in­force Don’t be afraid to re­in­force how your work will im­prove things; that goes a long way in help­ing your client un­der­stand why you’re worth the money.

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