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Port­fo­lio re­designs pro­vide a par­tic­u­lar chal­lenge to de­sign­ers as they re­quire de­vel­op­ing a per­sonal brand. Rakesh started his re­design by writ­ing the con­tent of the en­tire site. “My goal was to com­mu­ni­cate my de­sign ex­per­tise to a po­ten­tial client and en­cour­age them to con­tact me to dis­cuss their project. While at it, I wanted my site’s de­sign it­self to talk about my cre­ativ­ity and skills.” He con­tin­ued the process with rough sketches and then Pho­to­shop mock­ups to help him plan for writ­ing the HTML and CSS from scratch, but he still wasn’t mak­ing ty­pog­ra­phy or colour choices: “At that stage I didn’t worry about the colour schemes or even ty­pog­ra­phy to some ex­tent be­cause try­ing them out in code would be eas­ier.” It’s fas­ci­nat­ing that Rakesh didn’t start with the ty­pog­ra­phy, be­cause it’s such a beau­ti­ful and piv­otal el­e­ment of the de­sign, but it makes sense be­cause the lay­out is so de­pen­dent on the thought­fully-writ­ten copy. While Rakesh didn’t use any frame­works, he did use Sass to make it eas­ier to quickly try out dif­fer­ent colour schemes, type com­bi­na­tions and spac­ing.

“‘Think out­side the grid’: this site is a perfect ex­am­ple of what can be achieved with mod­ern CSS and beau­ti­ful ty­pog­ra­phy” Stéphanie Walt er, UX and UI De­signer

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