I read CSS Grid is the new na­tive CSS frame­work. Will all those well-known CSS frame­works be­come ob­so­lete?

Darinka Kostel­nik, Slo­vak Repub­lic

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CC: Nah. The well-known CSS frame­works do a heck of a lot more than lay­out. They are more like com­po­nent li­braries. The parts of them that are ex­clu­sively for lay­ing out col­umns will be­come ob­so­lete, just in the sense that us­ing CSS Grid will be eas­ier, faster, and more ro­bust, but even then I doubt those parts will be re­moved. If any­thing, the class names that con­trol lay­out in those frame­works will use CSS Grid to do what they do. We saw that hap­pen in a num­ber of frame­works when Flexbox support got more ro­bust.

CSS Grid This is a game-changer, but it’s not likely to put other frame­works out of busi­ness any time soon

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