A site that seeks to at­tract new vis­i­tors by us­ing the ex­pe­ri­ences of pre­vi­ous guests

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The site hopes to ap­peal to the young, so­cial de­mo­graphic by pro­vid­ing a laid-back de­sign, which comes through with the hand­writ­ten ty­pog­ra­phy and the sketch-style il­lus­tra­tions high­light­ing key points of in­ter­est.

The name ‘The Para­keet’ is in­spired by Am­s­ter­dam’s para­keet pop­u­la­tion, which has also been ref­er­enced in the colour scheme. The name also has a sec­ondary mean­ing; due to the birds in Am­s­ter­dam be­ing of a more ex­otic de­scent, it looks to con­vey the idea that the hos­tel is for peo­ple from all over the world.

The main fea­ture is the on­line guest­book, which is de­signed to re­place the phys­i­cal guest­book of hos­tel lob­bies. The most re­cent post will be dy­nam­i­cally pulled through onto the homepage. The site is built on Re­act, so it will run ef­fi­ciently and quickly with user-end ren­der­ing. As well as this, a style-guide driven de­sign is used to keep the site con­sis­tent and in-brand.


(1) The ‘Check avail­abil­ity’ form on the homepage has been de­signed us­ing a nat­u­ral lan­guage form lay­out. This is to make the user feel like they’re hav­ing the first con­ver­sa­tion, with the sec­ond be­ing when they en­ter the hos­tel lobby and meet the staff at re­cep­tion. This form would trans­fer data in or­der to of­fer the best room avail­able for that user. (2) The il­lus­tra­tion style and colour scheme has been kept loose to give the site per­son­al­ity. With sub­tle hints of Am­s­ter­dam cul­ture, this can be seen be­hind the green multi-pur­pose side­bar. (3) So­cial proof is one of the main fea­tures of the site. Dis­play­ing other peo­ple’s ex­pe­ri­ences of the hos­tel will hope­fully give vis­i­tors the con­fi­dence to make a book­ing. (4) A drag-and-drop pho­tos fea­ture means the user can share pho­tos from their stay to add to the on­line guest­book feed. (5) Dy­namic homepage content is used to keep the site look­ing fresh. This should also help with mar­ket­ing and SEO.

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