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One of my favourite things about the web de­sign in­dus­try is that it’s in­her­ently for­ward look­ing. No sooner has a new stan­dard dropped – open­ing up in the process a whole new way of shap­ing sites – than de­sign­ers and devs be­gin hack­ing away at its bound­aries. As a re­sult, the way we work on the web is con­tin­u­ally im­prov­ing.

There’s per­haps no bet­ter ex­am­ple of this than in the con­tin­ued evo­lu­tion of CSS. Scarcely more than a year ago, CSS Grid burst onto the scene and turned the web world up­side-down – and now a whole new raft of changes are on their way that prom­ise to have a sim­i­lar im­pact. This is­sue Rachel An­drew, co-founder of Perch CMS and No­tist and in­vited ex­pert to the CSS Work­ing Group, runs down some of the im­mi­nent changes set to come to CSS, in­clud­ing scroll snap­ping, fea­ture queries and sub­grids.

But we’ve also spied a few other pre­dic­tions in our crys­tal ball: Richard Mat­tka is con­sid­er­ing the AI revo­lu­tion and out­lines how you can build a chat­bot with nat­u­ral lan­guage pro­cess­ing. We’re also tap­ping into some app-fo­cused trends: Dar­ryl Bartlett looks at how you can cre­ate cross-plat­form apps with Re­act Na­tive, while Daniel Crisp fol­lows up with part two of his guide on ser­vice work­ers, re­veal­ing how you can use them to of­fer off­line ac­cess to your app.

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