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Peter Ja­vorkai gives us a pre­view of his plat­form that al­lows artists to eas­ily share their remixes

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Peter Ja­vorkai gives us a pre­view of his plat­form al­low­ing artists to share remixes

Tell us what Remix­mon­sta does. Remix­mon­sta is a mu­sic plat­form that show­cases upris­ing artists in sev­eral mu­sic gen­res us­ing the Sound­cloud API. The plat­form is as much an op­por­tu­nity for mu­sic lovers to find some­thing amus­ing, as it is for the artists to be pre­sented to a broader au­di­ence. The list of top remix songs is au­to­mat­i­cally re­freshed ev­ery three hours, which not only gives users a rea­son to re­turn, but also the am­mu­ni­tion for a whole day of head­bang­ing.

Why did you cre­ate it? The rea­son I cre­ated it was pretty self­ish. I re­ally like this (some­times quirky) type of elec­tronic mu­sic and I of­ten searched for hours on var­i­ous mu­sic sites look­ing for in­ter­est­ing artists, which was nei­ther joy­ful or ef­fi­cient, and so I started look­ing for so­lu­tions. Dur­ing my re­search I talked to around ten to 15 DJs and pro­duc­ers and they all high­lighted the fact that with­out an ad bud­get or a record la­bel, it can takes ages for some­one to be dis­cov­ered (if they ever do), which also churns a lot of the tal­ents. In most cases, pro­duc­ers start out on remix com­pe­ti­tions be­fore try­ing to com­pose their first tracks, and that’s the per­fect way to stand out from the crowd early on.

What tech­nolo­gies were used in build­ing it? I kept the tech re­ally min­i­mal, us­ing only HTML, CSS, jQuery and the Sound­cloud API. Even though the API is re­ally well doc­u­mented, some­times I had to reach out for an­swers on Stack Over­flow but the com­mu­nity was re­ally sup­port­ive.

How has it been re­ceived? Since the launch of the al­pha I’ve been re­ceiv­ing emails and mes­sages from artists around the world ask­ing how they can get on the list to be fea­tured, so the in­ter­est is cer­tainly there. Re­cent feed­back sug­gests that peo­ple for­get they are ac­tu­ally lis­ten­ing to Remix­mon­sta as the qual­ity of the tracks matches some of the more so­phis­ti­cated sites.

What do you think you’ll do next with it? The site will soon go through a small re­design and then the next step will be to launch the blog part, where I plan to present a new tal­ent in­ter­view ev­ery week for the au­di­ence, and also share a weekly mix fea­tur­ing the most pop­u­lar beats from the week. In the longer term, the aim is en­able artists to di­rectly up­load their mu­sic to the site.

Peter Ja­vorkaijob: Ja­vorkai is a dig­i­tal prod­uct de­signer who works with ev­ery­thing that beeps. w: pe­ter­ja­ t: @javpet

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