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de­vel­ My go-to re­source for any­thing about CSS is MDN. The project is doc­u­ment­ing the en­tire web plat­form and the CSS doc­u­men­ta­tion in­cludes full guides to fea­tures such as grid, in­di­vid­ual prop­erty pages with in­ter­ac­tive ex­am­ples and browser im­ple­men­ta­tion data.

CSS Grid Level 2 – Here Comes Sub­grid

smash­ing­ A use­ful ar­ti­cle ex­plain­ing how sub­grid will work in our browsers, based on the in-progress Ed­i­tor’s Draft, com­plete with code ex­am­ples.

Prac­ti­cal Scroll Snap­ping­ti­cal-css-scroll-snap­ping/ For more in­for­ma­tion about scroll-snap­ping see this ar­ti­cle on CSS Tricks from Max Kohler.

Us­ing Fea­ture Queries in CSS­ing-fea­ture-queries-in-css/ To get started with Fea­ture Queries, Jen Sim­mons has an ar­ti­cle on the Mozilla Blog.

Grid By Ex­am­ple

grid­byex­am­ For Grid Lay­out ex­am­ples and a full free video tu­to­rial, pay a visit to Grid by Ex­am­ple.

CSS Lay­out News

css­lay­ Sign up for CSS Lay­out News and once a week you’ll re­ceive a list of new ar­ti­cles and re­sources on CSS Lay­out in your in­box.

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