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This is­sue we were in­trigued about how peo­ple ap­proached the vi­tal task of test­ing sites, so got in touch with @net­mag’s fol­low­ers to dis­cover which tools and tech­niques they use to make sure their sites work on ev­ery de­vice and plat­form.

A suite of tools

“Ini­tially, @googlechrome’s em­u­la­tion be­fore mov­ing on to Xcode’s sim­u­la­tor with @browser­sync, and @ browser­stack, for the “fi­nal show­down” (find­ing edge cases),” re­veals @bluemwhitew. @RiIrv­ing likes @BliskBrowser: “We be­lieve it’s as re­li­ably close to the real thing as pos­si­ble,” he says.

Ac­tual de­vices

“I’ve found http:// cross­browsertest­ing.com to be re­ally handy for test­ing on old ver­sions of IE and An­droid de­vices. But, you can’t beat the real thing,” says @blueocto. @ the­re­al­nizza and @_LukeBai­ley also like ac­tual de­vices, sup­ple­mented with Browser­Stack or Browser­sync.

Em ula­tors

“Use the stan­dard browsers on Mac – Chrome / Sa­fari / Opera / Fire­fox. Then use vir­tual box run­ning the Win­dows VMs of­fered by Mi­crosoft. I then use my own iPhone to test along with iOS sim­u­la­tor and An­droid em­u­la­tor,” says @jor­danair­wave.

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