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A web­site that in­te­grates with other ser­vices to cover ev­ery as­pect of your trip to the cinema

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Moun­tain Pic­ture House is a fully equipped, brand new, in­de­pen­dent art-house cinema, pre­sent­ing all the best from new film­mak­ers and ap­peal­ing to the younger film en­thu­si­ast.

The in­spi­ra­tion for the colour pal­ette is from the RGB colour model. Curved edges within the UI ref­er­ence spool holes on the side of film roll.

The page scrolls from left to right, just as an ana­logue film cam­era would. The films them­selves are sep­a­rated by screen num­bers. Do­ing this en­ables the films to sit con­sis­tently on the site but also cre­ate a level of in­trigue, which is what the in­de­pen­dent film in­dus­try does best.

With just a sin­gle en­try field, vis­i­tors can quickly se­lect and book films. The abil­ity to scroll through the films while choos­ing means lesser-known films sur­face. By adding an­other ser­vice layer, vis­i­tors can plan and book an Uber or an­other form of trans­port to the cinema. This means we can cre­ate a seam­less jour­ney from brows­ing, se­lect­ing, book­ing and ar­riv­ing.

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(1) The user is able to play a trailer of the cho­sen film with­out feel­ing like they’ve left the page. (2) A ‘quick book’ fea­ture en­ables the user to not only quickly book a film but also pre­vents them hav­ing to leave the main screen. This seam­less pro­ce­dure is de­vised to en­cour­age them to see more things they wouldn’t nor­mally watch, which not only ex­pands their en­joy­ment but sup­ports in­de­pen­dent films fur­ther. (3) The in­ter­face is scrol­lable from left to right so that the user can im­me­di­ately see all of the films that are play­ing. Tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from how we scroll through films and TV shows on Net­flix, this nav­i­ga­tion method re­duces the cog­ni­tive load on users. (4) Be­ing able to or­der an Uber straight from your house to the cinema en­sures you get there on time. This stress­free or­gan­i­sa­tion could pos­si­bly ex­tend for the au­di­ence to pick up din­ner as well, if it was in­te­grated with Uber Eats. (5) An­other op­tion en­ables the user to add food and drink to the ticket or­der and have it de­liv­ered to their seat.

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