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Ma­son and Beth are fall­ing in love. The young cou­ple, caught up in their joy­ful lit­tle bub­ble, of­ten for­get about the sever­ity of Beth’s health. This week, Ma­son is forced to take Beth’s con­di­tion se­ri­ously. Af­ter meet­ing Beth’s (An­neliese Apps) par­ents, Ma­son (Or­pheus Pledger) is still hurt­ing from Beth’s dad Alan’s (Blair Mcdonough) harsh words. Alan’s just learned Beth has a boyfriend and he does not ap­prove.

‘He’s a dad that’s pro­tec­tive of his only daugh­ter. His heart is in the right place and his fears are war­ranted for the po­si­tion his daugh­ter and fam­ily are in,’ Blair, 36, ex­plains. ‘Be­ing kept in the dark about their re­la­tion­ship was an un­wel­come sur­prise. He tries to re­spect their wishes, but the need to keep his daugh­ter safe and close to he and his wife is too strong. He fights to keep his daugh­ter.’

Ma­son cares for Beth, but Alan’s words have shaken him. Beth’s life is pre­cious.

Just be­fore the cou­ple heads out for din­ner, Beth is awash with dizzi­ness. Thank­fully it passes, and Beth puts it down to sim­ply be­ing hun­gry.

But af­ter din­ner, when the two are walk­ing along the pier, Beth is struck by the same feel­ing of woozi­ness. This time it’s far more se­vere and she col­lapses, hit­ting her head on the hard ground.

Pan­icked and fran­ti­cally look­ing around for sup­port, Ma­son screams for help, but no-one comes. Ma­son be­gins to re­vive an un­con­scious Beth, per­form­ing CPR, and out of nowhere Justin (James Ste­wart) and Scar­lett (Ta­nia Nolan) ap­pear af­ter hear­ing his cries for help. Beth is rushed to hospi­tal and doc­tors whisk her away. When Beth’s par­ents ar­rive and learn of the sever­ity of their daugh­ter’s con­di­tion, their anger is di­rected at Ma­son.

In their eyes, this is his fault. Over­hear­ing the con­ver­sa­tion, Justin and Scar­lett step in to ex­plain how Ma­son saved Beth’s life. The room goes quiet when the doc­tor walks in to de­liver updates on Beth’s con­di­tion.

Her heart is fail­ing, and if she doesn’t get a heart trans­plant soon, she will die.

Scar­lett and Justin rush to help an un­con­scious Beth, af­ter hear­ing Ma­son’s screams for help.

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