Pre­pare to BARE!

Hair re­moval is a ne­ces­sity for most of us, so here’s how to make it purse-friendly and less painful

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Wax­ing, shav­ing, creams – what’s the best ad­vice to get the job done with the least amount of fuss and pain? Th­ese tips are the golden rules to fol­low...


Don’t plan a wax to re­move any hair when you are pre­men­strual. It will hurt more due to the fluid re­ten­tion.

Dou­ble-check the wax tem­per­a­ture on the in­side of your wrist. You only want to take the hairs off – not your skin!

Make sure the hairs aren’t too long, or trim them first.


Change your blades reg­u­larly. It doesn’t mat­ter how many blades your ra­zor has – if they are not sharp, you have a prob­lem. Dull blades drag on the skin.

To pre­vent nicks when shav­ing, lather up first with a shave cream or gel – not a body wash that can gunk-up blades.

If you want a silky, bump-free shave, make sure your tool is not rife with rust and bac­te­ria. Don’t keep it in the shower – store it in your beauty cup­board.


Did you know de­pila­to­ries are not as messy as they once were – or as smelly? New for­mu­las are de­signed to stay put for around 10 min­utes while they work. A light tin­gling is OK – if you feel burn­ing, your skin is too sen­si­tive.

Re­mem­ber to use it to­wards the end of your shower, as hy­drated hair is eas­ier to re­move than dry hair (since it’s harder and takes longer to dis­solve).

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