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To win one of two prizes of $50, write the an­swer to the first quiz ques­tion on the en­try coupon. For the other an­swers, see so­lu­tions. 1What is the name of Cate Blanchett’s char­ac­ter in Thor: Rag­narok? 2With which coun­try would you as­so­ciate the dish Hag­gis? 3 Ail­uro­pho­bia is the ir­ra­tional fear of what kind of com­mon crea­tures? 4 How many na­tions will be rep­re­sented at the 2018 Com­mon­wealth Games on the Gold Coast? 5Which two coun­tries share the Caribbean is­land of His­pan­iola?

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