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Camilla’s ex-hus­band and the man who had an af­fair with Princess Anne, Andrew Parker Bowles, has bro­ken his si­lence.

He re­cently opened up about the worst day of the Queen’s life. Ac­cord­ing to Andrew, Her Majesty de­scribed the 1982 IRA at­tacks on Lon­don as “the most ghastly day of my life”.

“It was a nice, sunny day and sud­denly one heard this ex­plo­sion one heard all the time in North­ern Ire­land,” Andrew re­vealed to The Ex­press.

“One of the bar­ri­ers opened and some­one said, ‘They’ve blown up the Guard’. So we ran down to where the smoke was ris­ing,” he added.

“The first horse I saw was Sefton. He had a bloody great hole in him, but he man­aged to pull through.” It was later that day, Andrew said, that the Queen re­vealed it had been the worst day of her life.

Fif­teen sol­diers were killed in the tragedy, and eight peo­ple and seven horses were in­jured.

Andrew Parker Bowles pic­tured with the Queen, his ex-wife Camilla (left) and Anne (right).

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