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Be­hav­ing more er­rat­i­cally than ever, Dean’s (Pa­trick O’con­nor) mother Karen (Ge­or­gia Adam­son) is still re­fus­ing to heed her son’s pleas to seek pro­fes­sional help.

But, in shock­ing scenes, a deeply un­sta­ble Karen this week places her son in ex­treme dan­ger. When Karen be­gins ar­gu­ing with Dean in his car­a­van, her anger quickly es­ca­lates into fury. Grab­bing a fry­ing pan, Karen hits her son over the head, un­in­ten­tion­ally knock­ing him out.

As Dean lies bleed­ing on the ground, an Karen con­tin­ues cook­ing.

Turn­ing on the gas hob, she looks for matches, only to quickly tire of her search. Head­ing to the bed­room, she for­gets to turn off the gas, leav­ing her un­con­scious son still on the floor! What will hap­pen next?

Dean’s mum Karen knocks him out cold. How badly is he hurt?

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