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“Your face nat­u­rally loses colour as you get older and you get a kind of grey­ish look, so nudes can be flat­ter­ing but they can also make you look washed out,” she says. “Choose a nude with a bit of colour – a cou­ple of shades off your nat­u­ral lip colour which will be more flat­ter­ing. Also, lips lose vol­ume and when you’re over 40, your lips just don’t have that much mois­ture in them any­more to be able to wear matte,” says Liz. “You can put vol­ume back in though by choos­ing a lip­stick with a creamy shine to it which will bring the full­ness back to your lips.” And re­mem­ber, be mind­ful that teeth age as well. “If they are slightly yel­low­ing choose pinks and blue-based lip­stick, which will make them look whiter.”

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