“We joke about a whole range of things and it’s all con­nected to life in Aus­tralia,” Nazeem says.

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He has wel­comed two ba­bies in 2018 – one, an ac­tual child: his son, Eesa; the other, Seven’s sketch com­edy se­ries Or­ange is the New Brown. Now, 32-year-old comic Nazeem Hus­sain tells us about both new ar­rivals.

What was it like mak­ing

OITNB? Work­ing on a com­edy show, the aim is to make each other laugh and the crew laugh. Some­times you for­get it’s get­ting broad­cast to heaps of peo­ple be­cause you are just hav­ing too much fun.

What in­spires your com­edy?

The best way for me to com­ment on so­cial is­sues is if I can per­son­ally re­late, or if it’s some­thing that hap­pened to me. Then it’s the fun­ni­est.

Where does the name Eesa come from?

It’s the Ara­bic name for Je­sus, so he’s got big shoes to fill. He’s cute – a chubby lit­tle boy. He’s got an im­ma­ture dad in me but an amaz­ing mum.

Has be­ing a dad found its way into your com­edy?

I haven’t re­ally got any dad jokes yet. The only thing that has hap­pened was I have been on stage and rock­ing from side to side as if I’m hold­ing a baby.

What’s the best thing about be­ing a dad?

When he recog­nises me – I walk in the room and he smiles. He slob­bers all over my arm and that’s cute now, whereas if some­one de­scribed that to me, I would vomit. I’ve be­come a cheesy dad. I’ve got a thou­sand pho­tos on my phone. I’m a dif­fer­ent per­son now – I don’t recog­nise my­self.

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