Fastest Porsche 911 ever: GT2 RS

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Those three lit­tle words will cer­tainly turn heads. Fastest. 911. Ever. There are some pretty spe­cial num­bers when you talk­ing about the fastest any­thing, let alone what is prob­a­bly the most iconic sports car of all time.

Putting out a sen­sa­tional 515kw and 750Nm of torque, the GT2 belts its way to 100kph in 2.8 se­conds.

The for­mula for 911 suc­cess will keep the purists happy — the car is rear-wheel drive and rear en­gined. The on­go­ing bat­tle of the bulge sees the bon­net, front wings, ex­te­rior mir­ror hous­ings, and many of the air duct sur­rounds made of car­bon fi­bre, and there is a mag­ne­sium roof. Those with a de­sire for even more weight sav­ing can or­der the Weis­sach pack­age, which sees an ad­di­tional 30kg shed via the use of car­bon fi­bre in the roll cage and mag­ne­sium al­loy for the wheels.

Pric­ing is to be con­firmed, but, if you have to ask …

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