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The cur­rent sit­u­a­tion in New Zealand is that prices for good-qual­ity, au­then­tic clas­sic cars have re­mained steady, as has the re­solve of real clas­sic car en­thu­si­asts. Mar­kets go up and mar­kets go down. What we are cur­rently wit­ness­ing is that over-priced cars are re­main­ing un­der pres­sure and we ex­pect the best clas­sic cars to con­tinue to hold their value or even in­crease in value. The clas­sic car hobby in New Zealand has a very solid foun­da­tion that can weather any storm, should there ever be one.

As a com­mod­ity, clas­sic cars of­fer unrivalled flex­i­bil­ity com­pared with other in­vest­ments such as prop­erty, not to men­tion great per­for­mance — in more than one sense. Yes, the dy­nam­ics of the mar­ket are ar­guably too com­plex to be able to make any pre­dic­tions, but so far, the mar­ket has been good for clas­sic car own­ers to re­main pos­i­tive with their in­vest­ments.

An area of the mar­ket that has been ex­pand­ing over the last 12 months has been eq­uity re­lease: the mech­a­nism of re­leas­ing cash from a clas­sic car. With low in­ter­est rates, high ve­hi­cle val­ues, and ap­petite from lenders, we ex­pect more clas­sic car own­ers to re­lease eq­uity from their col­lec­tions in the com­ing months, only to start col­lect­ing cars again.

Lim­ited-pro­duc­tion mod­ern clas­sics con­tinue to at­tract the at­ten­tion of in­vestors and spec­u­la­tors, but sell­ers of av­er­age cars need to en­sure that their cars are priced com­pet­i­tively, be­cause only high qual­ity, truly col­lectable, au­then­tic clas­sics are com­mand­ing strong prices.

No­body wants av­er­age cars and projects un­less the pric­ing is right, and no­body wants mus­cle and clas­sic cars that have been con­verted into elec­tric ve­hi­cles (EVS) ei­ther — there is cer­tainly no col­lectable value there!

Trad­ing in a com­bus­tion en­gine for an elec­tric­ity-pow­ered mus­cle car is sac­ri­lege in the clas­sic car world. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the elec­tric mus­cle car be­ing pro­moted by Ju­lia Jack from Mer­cury — ‘Evie’! In a coun­try like New Zealand, where one boasts of free­dom and democ­racy, we are ac­tu­ally be­ing told how to en­joy our hobby in fu­ture!

Cool factor

It was re­ported that Ju­lia Jack said that she would like to see New Zealand be­come a leader in the adop­tion of EVS, but the lack of cool factor with these ve­hi­cles re­mains a hur­dle for far too many Ki­wis. I think she has a point. There is ab­so­lutely no cool factor, so I sug­gest you keep the mat­ter in per­spec­tive and dis­tin­guish be­tween hobby and daily use.

It’s not just the cool factor that’s a stum­bling block for us car en­thu­si­asts; it’s the nos­tal­gia, the col­lectabil­ity, the value, the free­dom, the char­ac­ter, the iden­tity that our cars bring, the power, the bur­ble that comes from that en­gine … it’s the whole pack­age.

More pol­lu­tants

Pon­der this. At the end of 2016 there were 18 pro­duc­ing coal mines in New Zealand. We have 15 bil­lion tons of coal re­sources, more than half of which is re­cov­er­able. Coal pro­duc­tion in 2015 was 3.4 mil­lion kilo­tons, al­most half of which was ex­ported. The big­gest mar­kets for coal are Ja­pan, In­dia, China, and Aus­tralia — per­fect for our clean green im­age: dig it up and sell it to other coun­tries to pol­lute on our be­half!

An­other clas­sic pol­lu­tant is plas­tic. About 300 mil­lion tons of plas­tic is pro­duced glob­ally each year — only about 10 per cent of that is re­cy­cled. The plas­tic that is sim­ply trashed — an es­ti­mated seven mil­lion tons — ends up in the sea each year. What’s be­ing done about this? Is it only green­house emis­sions that are killing our blue planet?

Is the birth of the EV truly for the sake of saving Mother Earth — or maybe there is not enough rev­enue to be had from try­ing to elim­i­nate plas­tic from our daily lives? Would you not agree that there are more of us us­ing plas­tic than driv­ing clas­sic/mus­cle cars? If we re­ally want to im­prove on pol­lu­tants, let’s do it where it mat­ters most and where the re­sults are sig­nif­i­cant!

I say stop tam­per­ing with what’s close to our hearts and take your con­sid­er­a­tions else­where, as I think I can speak for most clas­sic car en­thu­si­asts of any age and sex. We do not want your so-called sen­si­ble, clean, and quiet rhetoric in­ter­fer­ing with our hobby. We will sup­port you on your mission where it re­ally mat­ters, when it is truly for the sake of our planet!

We love our cars just like they are — ex­cit­ing, strong, and pow­er­ful.

Safe driv­ing!

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